Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Here goes nothing...

Hello there,

Welcome to my shiny new blog! After being introduced by my lovely friend Nicola (Nicolavc86) to the blogging world, I have become somewhat obsessed with reading many many blogs. Soooo I have decided to start my own and so, as the title reads, here goes nothing...

Okay, so my first post is just a quickie to say Hi! I am so excited to get stuck in writing my blog, I will be doing all sorts of posts such as products reviews, things I like, hate and all the things in between (yes I even have a list - i'm such a list lover).

For now I will just add a few pictures to sum up my VERY lazy week which has consisted of dog sitting, sleeping, eating anything and everything, sleeping a bit more, baking, shopping online, my new boots (yay) and a girly night in with my lovely friend Nicola:

The brown boots are from River Island and the black boots are from Miss Guided, after seeing more or less the same boots in river island for a small fortune I had to have these for a bargain price of £27.99!

And so this concludes my first blog post! Whooo I finally did it!

Thank you so much for reading

Love Jade x