Wednesday, 21 September 2011

So I picked up some Nail Polish...

Hi Lovelies,

So I was in Boots today and I picked up some nail polishes from Barry M. Well it is 3 for 2 at the minute, it would be rude not too!

Here are the little beauties...
** 304 - Mint Green **
** 305 - Pink Flamingo **
** 317 - Blue Moon **

Can you believe that only a couple of months ago I never painted my nails and I only owned one red nail polish - before the blog addiction began. Now I am the proud owner of 13 polishes!! Not exactly hundreds but good going for a couple of months.

I chose to go for the Mint Green for today, its my new fav!

How many polishes do you own and what is your favorite?

Thanks for reading
Love Jade xx

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tuesday Summary...

Hi Lovelies,

I have decided that I am going to do a summary post each week, I really enjoy reading these kind of posts on blogs because I like that you can get to know a bit more about the blogger. So I thought why not do one on mine!

I am going to do some reviews this week as I have a couple of things I am dying to talk about!

The past few weeks have been quite a hectic. I've been shopping, eating, spending time with family and friends, and getting myself ready for Uni next week, Oh and I also got a new semi-permanent tattoo!

Here are some pictures to sum up my week...

Thanks for reading

Love Jade xx

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Dedicated to my new boots

Hi lovelies,

Hope your having a great weekend in spite of the dreadful weather.

Today I just wanted to share with you my new love that I purchased this week. My new boots.

Ta Dahh......
So after seeing these in my local H&M I loved them instantly. However, seen as I am trying to not spend any money, I begrudgingly walked away. I then saw these whilst out with my mum in another H&M (I swear I wasn't specifically searching for them) and they were there, almost with an angel like glow surrounding them. Again I walked away after the hints to my mum didn't work. So this week I went to the Trafford Centre, this being the third H&M store I had been to, I decided that if they had them in my size, it was meant to be. So here they are! yay. I haven't even told you the best bit, they were £29.99! Bargain.

They will be great with all Jeans, skirts and tights, dresses, just everything really.

Obviously I had to wear these the next day, so I thought I would show you a quick look at what I wore it with. I apologise for the awful pictures - note to self: must buy tripod and proper camera!
 I'd just like to say that I am aware that I have a problem with shopping, and I am also aware that I seem to have an addiction to boots lately but I just can't say no.

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.

Love Jade xx

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Make-up of the night

 Hi Lovelies

I went out for a meal with my family the other night so I just thought I would share with you my make-up for the night. As we were only going for a meal I didn't want to go too dark or extreme with my make up so its quite a neutral eye and I threw on some red lippy in the end to jazz it up a little.

What I wore:

Clinique - Redness Solution Makeup
Estee Lauder - Double Wear Concealer
Bare Minerals - Mineral Veil
Sleek - Contour Kit
Estee Lauder - Shadow (Wild Sable Matte 04) on brows

Elf - Blush and Bronzer Compact (I used the blusher all over the lid and then the bronzer in the crease. I also added a darker brown shadow just on the outer corner of the eye).
Loreal - Super Liner Carbon Gloss
Max Factor - Liquid Effect Pencil
Borjoir - Volume Fast and Perfect Rotating Mascara

Barry M - Shade 151 Sunset

I absolutely love all of these products and I use them on a daily basis. I am planning on doing a favorite makeup post soon (it's on my trusty 'to blog' list) so I will go into detail about these products and why they are so bloomin fabulous!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Thank-you for reading :-)

Love Jade xx

Thursday, 8 September 2011

My recent purchases...

Hi again!

I just wanted to say a big thank-you for following my blog. I have five followers already, i'm so excited. I actually squealed out loud when I saw - is that really sad? I'm sorry that I'm a bit slow in doing a second post, I had a fallout with my blogger, lets just say it deleted my post and things got ugly and there was swearing involved!

Okay so on with the post. Over the past couple of weeks I seem to have gone a little mental with shopping. Considering I have no money until I get my student loan at the end of the month, I perhaps should not have bought anything at all this month, however, its always the case that when I have money to spend I see nothing I want and then when I don't have a penny I see everything! So, the woman with little self control that I am, I have seen so many things that I feel that i genuinely NEED in my life. Then somehow the next thing I know i'm prancing around my bedroom in my new threads - Dam you student overdraft. My excuse reason for purchasing the following is that it is going to be getting chilly soon, I'm going back to uni in a couple of weeks and they are all practical purchses.

First things first...
Black Knitted Cardigan - £14.99!! - H&M
 As you will notice from the next couple of items, I am really loving H&M at the minute. I am trying to avoid that shop for a few weeks now because I just can't seem to stop myself from buying things especially when they are bargain prices - I am aware that I have a problem.

When this baby called me over in the store, I loved it, but when I tried it on I loved it even more. The fit is so lovely and flattering. I now want to go back and buy one in brown. They are great for autumn and winter to keep my snug and warm.

Black Skater Dress - £14.99 - H&M

This dress caught my eye as it reminded me of one I saw in Zara a while ago but at more than half the price. I innocently tried it on with no intention of purchasing due to the lack of money, as you do, but I just couldn't put it back! It's such a lovely thick material, perfect for winter and uni with tights and boots.

I want it in nude too!
Grey Blazer Coat - £34.99 - H&M

This coat thingamabob will be great for when it gets a bit colder, I just thought it was a bit different than anything I own and it fits really well.
Blue Dress - £30.00 - Zara (TRF collection)

Ohh I love this...

Okay so not practical for everyday but for a night out its great! I saw loads of things in the TRF collection that I wanted, but I restrained and just bought this one thing, well done Jade!

I have also bought a few things from Primark lately too so I'm going to do a separate post on just Primark with clothes accessories etc! I'm a little bit dangerous in Primark, as you may have guessed, I have no self control when it comes to a bargain. I just love a good deal.

Anyway, I hope you like my purchases :-). Thanks for reading

Love Jade xx