Monday, 21 May 2012

Things I am loving...

Hi Lovelies,

I wanted to try and keep up with blogging again as I have finished uni now and finally have some free time!

So this post, as the title would suggest, is all about things that I am loving at the minute (beauty, hair and fashion).

1. Macadamia Oil
After hearing about this on a number of blogs and youtube I was itching to try this. I eventually caved and bought it a few months a go after seeing this on a Buyapower deal for £9 for 125ml. Such a bargain.

2. My New Top
I bought this top from Zara last week when I was in London, and I just love it! It's so simple but it looks great with my jeans and some converse...incase you didnt know, I don't really like to verge away from the whole jeans and t-shirt look... this is me experimenting, haha. This leads nicely onto my next new love...

3. My New Converse
Again, I also bought these in London. Probably way to late to jump on the whole converse bandwagon but hey! I had to buy these simply becasue my feet were killing me after spending three days shopping.
4. The Naked Palette
I only ever seem to pull it out on a night, however recently when I am not being my lazy self I have found myself reaching for this pallet for a subtle daytime look! wild I know!

So I guess this is a pretty boring list but these are this things that are floating my boat at the minute :), just though I would share.

Hope your all ok

Thanks for reading

Love Jade xx